Growing up.

As a kid, my family moved around a lot. So for you folks who lived in the same house for your entire childhood, I have a question. Are you still in touch with many of the kids who lived by you when you were growing up?

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Tracking down.

I was curious to see if I could track down any of my old neighbors who lived on Riverview 5 West in Great Falls in the early 1970's. Our house there was the place that we lived in the longest when we were growing up.

Troubles ahead.

The first problem with using Facebook as my main search engine is that a lot of people my age never joined and don't do any social media at all. Second is the proper spelling. One of the neighbor kids was Lorrie Ryan. Or maybe it's spelled Lori, Lorry or however she spells it, I can't find her. I did run into her back in the early 90s when we were doing our school lunch visits. She was teaching at Lockwood.

I'd like to see if Mike Luker remembers that danged Wilson kid from up the street who didn't set the board on the bucket right and helped you break your arm. Good times. Your mom wouldn't let us play together after that.

The Harnack sisters who babysat us. The Cordell brothers across the street. I am actually in touch with one other guy who lived by us. Joey grew up, got married, moved to Phoenix and now just goes by "Joe".

I wish I had kept better track of the kids that I used to ride bikes with.

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