It's your dog, so you can name it whatever you want. I have some thoughts on the do's and don'ts of dog naming.

If it were me, I wouldn't want a dog with a common name. The most popular dog names (according to Google) are Luna, Buddy, Max, Sadie, and Rocky. Okay. Not terribly creative, but at least your dog has a name.

We got to talking about dog names this morning. I'm a fan of the slightly more creative names. Here are some of the names that stood out when I googled.

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How about Bark Twain? No? What about The Notorious D.O.G.?

I also liked Chewbacca, Muttly Crew, McGruff, Snoop Dogg...a little Star Wars mixed with a little musical.

Barkley, Catherine Zeta Bones, Groucho Barks, Droolius Caesar, Indiana Bones.

My favorite was one for a little dog. I'd name him Subwoofer. Wilson humor.

I had a neighbor who had a couple of English Mastiffs named Dozer and Porterhouse. Unique and appropriate.

One of my favorites was what the singer, Pink, named her dog. She was doing an interview and was going to a different room to show the interviewer something, and she turned around and called her dog. I can't tell you that name here, but I'm sure you've heard people call other people this name when they're fighting (it starts with an "F" and ends with an "er"). Made me chuckle.

Growing up, we only had two dogs, Queenie and Ranger. Back then we camped a lot. And Ranger was a German Shepherd, so that name fit perfectly.

And if you're reading this along with your dog, please ask him/her a question for me. "Who's a good boy?!"

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