I'm trying to see parts of Montana that I've never seen before. I've lived here all of my life and still have plenty to see. So, when I got invited to Phillipsburg, I said, "Why not?" I've heard that they have an awesome candy store. The purpose of this trip was a music festival on Saturday.

I'd never driven the Pintlar Scenic route before. It is a beautiful drive.

Let's talk about the music festival. Three bands. Music started at 1 pm.

When I'm in an airport, an Alive After Five, or at a concert. I like to people-watch. On this day, I wasn't disappointed. We had a group of eight ladies that looked like they were looking for a good time. Our group even bet on which lady was going to get out of control and sing along first. Well, we all missed our guess but were not disappointed with the show we got.

The third band, The Western Front Band, was really good. Their lead singer claims that his grandfather was Jack Daniels' first cousin, which drew mass approval from the crowd that was beginning to dance and get loud.

Well, by this time, our group of ladies had a couple of their gang dancing and singing along. So, we started watching them a little closer. I'm glad we did because it's the funniest thing that I've seen in a while. And now I'll never hear "Fishin' In The Dark" without thinking about these gals.

Credit: Mark Wilson, TSM
Credit: Mark Wilson, TSM

The event was held in a natural amphitheater that they have in town, just look for the Zamboni. I'm totally serious.

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