Billings Heights has one less place to eat with the closing of the Bull Mountain Grill last week. This follows the loss of our Heights locations of Fuddruckers and Taco Treat over the last few years.

I'm just north of the Heights, and when I go out to eat (which is pretty much every day), I like to stay in the Heights. It's getting harder to do.

The remaining restaurants pick up some of the customers from those closed places, so it's hard to get into most places on a Saturday night.

I haven't heard about any chains planning to build anything for us anytime soon. Even if they do, everybody seems to have trouble finding and keeping help.

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I'll run out to Cowboys and The Blue Cat quite a bit. I'm wondering what the solution for the Heights dining situation could be.

How about a gathering of food trucks at the old K-Mart parking lot once a week? I think most of the food trucks are mainly lunch items, but if there was a special reason to make some dinner, I'd bet they would be part of that.

Now that there's no traffic from Bull Mountain Grill in that parking lot, you could even have kids bring their bikes and ride. Maybe even set up a stage and add some music from local talent.

I don't know what the actual solution is. I just know that Chili's, T.G.I. Friday's, and other national chains aren't coming anytime soon.

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