Every year we get asked how Flakesgiving started. Well, the first year (as I recall) we were just buying turkeys. And year one, we bought 52 and handed them out.

The next year we went to the full meals. And that first year we did a couple hundred because we were getting more donations. But the event was all done in one day back then.

We had to buy enough boxes from the Heights County Market and then fold them and THEN fill them with the food and stack them in the semis.

We slowly expanded it to the 1500. And that seems to be enough each year.

And we have a heck of a lot more help these days. Back then, it was just a few of our sales staff, me & Paul.

We are understandably proud of what this has grown into. And I look forward to seeing all the people that we see at this event each year.

We can't thank you enough for your dedication.

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