Dear "Spring Forward" time change: Nobody likes you. Signed, everybody.

On our show this week, we learned how to make (and drink) an Irish Car Bomb.

Billings got to see a helicopter rescue a pickup off of the rims.

They've made more than 39 Godzilla movies, and they're now making a second Beetlejuice movie. Michael Keaton will reprise his iconic role.

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Tony Orlando is going to retire. And so is Lou Gramm, the original lead singer of Foreigner. Tony's done this month. Lou's gonna finish out the year.

8,400 screaming and singing along fans attended the Toto & Journey concert Wednesday night. And my Facebook feed was full of videos. Most of them were filmed when Toto sang "Africa". Everybody said that it was a great show.

Next Friday, we will have an announcement that will interest many of you.

And Monday of this week was the seven-year anniversary of what I like to call "Our little misunderstanding". I reshared it on Facebook and got comments from a lot of listeners, coworkers, and a few who marched with us.

And it stirred some great memories from that time for me. One was that it made listeners furious. Our GM here at the station couldn't get all of the calls and emails returned. One gentleman who left a voicemail and didn't get a call back came up and sat in our front office and waited for the boss to get back from lunch.

And for me personally, while we were off work, I had all kinds of folks buying me drinks and paying for my meals. Your support during that time, and through all of the years that we've been on the air here.

That's one of the biggest things that I'll miss when we do hang up the headphones. But, that's not for a while yet.

Back Monday at 5.

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