Every Friday, I look back at my week and the things that either happened to me or at least stood out. If they could manufacture eclipses, it would be a big money-maker for the travel industry.

Morgan Wallen threw a chair from the roof of Eric Church's bar in Nashville and got arrested. I think he owes listeners another verse to their duet of "Man Made A Bar" about the incident.

We had a guy call and tell us about how great the cheeseburgers are at The Keg in Conrad. Right then, it occurred to me that I'd never been to Conrad. I've driven by it a few times but never stopped in.

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I got a call from the USDA this week. It was a survey about my cows and acreage. Sorry, you've got the wrong Flake.

The west end Chalet Market announced that it's closing.

There's a place in Texas that offers glow-in-the-dark skeet shooting. That's on my to-do list.

The Grand Stand Sports Bar & Casino has great food. They're my favorite stop for wings. But this week I was in more of a burger mood, so I got the Bear Burger with no bun. Tasty stuff.

Credit: Mark Wilson, TSM
Credit: Mark Wilson, TSM

Big news came out Thursday that O.J. Simpson died. I don't know of anybody who doesn't think that he didn't murder his wife. I even remember being at the old Eagles Nest watching the NBA playoffs when the broadcast was interrupted by coverage of the slow-motion police chase of his white Ford Bronco. I will say that his passing has made for some great memes on Facebook.

Have a great weekend.

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