For you folks out there that like the Kevin Costner series "Yellowstone" keep in mind, nothing in that show is anything close to ranching. Besides, having a hired cook and getting in gunfights all the time, their attempt to portray what it must be like to ranch is a stretch. Here is a video of one of my heifers that just calved and was working on it after 5 minutes.

In the only episode I saw, they were having a calf and these two cowboys run out to help the cow. The first one (big mistake) runs and jumps on the cow's head. The next guy pulls the calf out and then they count to three. They both release at the same time and this 250-pound calf gets up and takes off like he was shot out of a cannon. I laughed my ass off. I know it's a TV but at least try to get it close. See ya tomorrow at 5...we make it real.

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