A lot of stuff happening this week and we'll review with Farmer Finishers.

Yesterday, we had an interesting discussion with the Billings city administrator and police chief.

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Ballots went out yesterday for city elections and besides voting for city council members you'll also be voting on the 143 million dollar recreation levy. I suggest you wait to vote until AFTER you get your new property tax bill. You may be shocked to see the increase in taxes on your newly assessed home values.

Besides, the infrastructure itself it will also cost approximately 2.7 million dollars a year to operate the facilities. You'll pay that too. Then after you pay for the buildings and operational expenses you will have to pay to use them as well. Seems to me this is more of a want than a need.

The Chief said we need more jail space to lock up the bad guys and they could use an additional 20 officers on the street.

We haven't heard from the school district yet either about what they may need. We still have to share school resource officers because there are not enough to go around. Hmmm, it seems like we have some of our priorities mixed up right now.

You voters will be the ones making the ultimate decision so let your voice be heard one way or another.

Plus, pray for our brave men and women currently in the Middle East. They have been under attack all week by Iranian-backed militias. Something else your tax dollars are doing. Paying for weapons that are being used against us...Joe has got to go...

See ya Monday at 5.

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