Friday Fragments is a little collection of tidbits and experiences from the past week.

And this past week I saw fire engines coming with lights and sirens on. And both times, less than half of the cars pulled over and let them pass. Frustrating.

Speaking of fire engines, our Fuddruckers in the heights had a fire this week. While I'm sorry it happened, it's a great opportunity to remodel and update.

When you are on Facebook, it will suggest people that you should "add friend" because you have 112 mutual friends. How in the world can two people know 112 of the same people and not know each other?

I find it very interesting that our governor said that he wants to quit selling certain types of "military" ammunition. I don't remember that information in any of his campaign ads while he was asking for our votes to be our governor.

Pet peeve: over talkers. When three sentences will communicate the message but they use 22 sentences. And you can always tell that it's going to be lengthy when they start with "Cute story..."

I took my first sick day in several years this week. So I watched Tombstone, Silverado, 3:10 To Yuma and ELO live from Wembly Stadium. All in the same day.

I only carded one birdie this week on 8 North out at Pryor. But both Dave Malek and Bryce Cady got aces this week. Congratulations, fellas.

More things I do at my job include "dragging" items to different spots on my three computer screens, help reunite pets and owners, and explain to listeners that I "can't GET you tickets" to every concert. My powers are limited.

Thanks for your support for over 30 years. It is very much appreciated.

Have a great weekend.

Save draft. I'm out.

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