• It was quite a week in Montana. Fires, hail, AND an earthquake. And Lewistown had a "gustnado" which I guess is a small tornado, but it didn't do any damage.
    • Hey, federal government, what if I don't WANT to drive electric vehicles? I've got too much money invested in my stuff that's powered by gasoline.
    • I hope you caught everything you needed to know about the eighties band, Warrant, and their song "Cherry Pie."
    • We are almost at our twenty-five commitments, so we give the Doghouse Parade the green light.
    • I got bit by a horsefly for the first time in many years. Still hurts.
    • I am officially done golfing when the temperature is triple digits. Can't power through it anymore.
    • Getting gas back in the eighties at 4:30 in the morning, you had to have cash. And you'd have to go inside and pre-pay. Credit cards were a little harder to get in those days. Today you just insert your card and fill. I like it better now.
    • I'm still fighting with our new Zetta computer system. Hey, let's record a phone call together! To start, click on "Modules." Now click "Quick record." Next, click select station, then scroll down to KCTR-FM. Click the red button to begin recording. When the call has ended click the square "Stop" button. Now to save the call to play later, click the tiny red "X" in the upper right-hand corner. Wait, we're not quite done. Next, title your call with something like "Traffic accident" and then click "Yes to all." Now you're done. Easy peezy, lemon squeezy. Now, remember to do all of those steps on every phone call that comes in.
    • This was the anniversary week of the passing of my buddy Smiling John and my brother-in-law. Miss you, fellas.

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