Today, I am speaking to those of you who have never had to undergo an MRI. I just had my first one last week, so I can help alleviate the fears for those of you who have never had one.

I've twisted a thousand ankles playing basketball but have been fortunate to have never hurt a knee until recently. So, unlike some people my age, I actually went and saw my doctor about it. He's a "general practitioner" and not a knee specialist, so he suggested getting the MRI so that the knee doc could see what needed to be done.

As soon as the nurse asked me if I was claustrophobic, I began to worry. I mean, I don't think that I am. But my thoughts immediately jumped to some sort of deep, dark dungeon with lightning bolts jumping between the towers like I was in some sort of Frankenstein movie.

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It wasn't like that at all. Actually, it was great. I had two MRIs. The first one they did on my knee, I actually fell asleep while they were having their big fancy machine check me out.

And for the second one on my abdomen, the whole thing didn't take five minutes.

Connie was the tech who ushered me through the process. It turns out that we had given her a wake-up call some thirty-five years ago that she still remembered. Like most experiences like this, it's the people who make it or break it for you. And for me, Connie definitely made it a great experience.

I get the details on my knee back next week. We'll see what happens next.

I could be bionic soon.

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