• I learned this week that I couldn't golf while wearing my bifocals.
  • I sat for several moments at a Mcdonald's drive through this week and watched the lady in front of me get three different credit cards declined.
  • I am quite excited about getting to go out for lunch and dinner next week.
  • I learned what a "webby" is.
  • We bought and delivered another metal detector to the Community Crisis Center on Wednesday.
  • For some reason, Mrs. Narem, our grade school music teacher's name, popped into my head. She would sing "hello boys and girrrrls" and we would sing back, "Hello Mrs. Narrrrrem." I never could really sing. But even back then, I knew all of the words.
  • I was able to get my allergy injections this week. You need an appointment, have to wear a mask, use a hand sanitizer, and not sit close to anybody. Worth it. But, I'll tell you something. I sort of understand now how a drug addict must feel. If there were a magic allergy pill that would fix me, I'd pay big dollars for it. Even if it was illegal.
  • I'm now keeping my golf score just like the media is keeping track of total COVID-19 infections. This week I shot a 311. Thank you.

I'm gonna get myself some more sunshine this weekend. Be safe. See you Monday at 5!

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