There was a threat called into Laurel Schools yesterday that was investigated and shortly deemed not credible, according to an article in the Billings Gazette. Someone apparently called in the threat, although, we don't know what the threat was. Shooting? Fire? bomb? You usually don't find those things out. I get it, no reason to cause panic for no reason.

However, as a parent, every threat is a reason to panic knowing what has occurred in recent years. Our metal detector program has been in place now for a few years. We have sent out dozens of detectors out to schools and other community centers to enhance their security measures and as a deterrent to any potential incident. With only a few days of school left, pranks from kids pick up as they become rambunctious in anticipation of no more school. But the point is, safety should be the top priority of every school administration. School District 2 in Billings did not accept our offer for metal detectors. That's fine, but maybe they should take part of that $46 million they got in COVID money and use some of it for security. I would be more concerned in today's setting with my child being harmed by a bully full of vengeance than him or her being hurt by COVID.

We had a policeman call us from Tacoma, Washington when we started our quest to help schools and said they refused to put detectors in their schools there. Then, they had a tragic event which changed their mind. Too late for them though. It's a tough issue for many who don't want their schools to be secured like that, but it's always, ALWAYS better to act on the side of caution. We got lucky this time, but what about next time?  See ya tomorrow at 5.

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