Another local school has taken delivery of a metal detector from The Breakfast Flakes.

Pioneer Elementary School (1937 Dover Road) got a visit from Mark and Paul on Monday (11/25) when they dropped off a new tool for school safety.

Principal and Superintendent of Pioneer Elementary School Melissa Schnitzmeier said the school is "eternally grateful for this donation" that will enhance the safety of her students. "While we hate having to think about the potential of something disastrous ever happening on our campus, we also understand that we can no longer sit back and say, it can’t happen here," said Schnitzmeier.

Credit: Melissa Schnitzmeier
Credit: Melissa Schnitzmeier

"Our small school, while close to Billings, is 20-30 minutes away from first responders," she said.  "This fact alone makes being proactive in our safety and security efforts incredibly important. Being able to control what comes in and out of our buildings with the addition of a metal detector is a game-changer for our small, rural school."

Superintendent Schnitzmeier thanked the Breakfast Flakes for their "determination to enhance school security across Montana."

Schools in Custer, Lockwood, Columbus, Ryegate, Melstone, Shepherd, and Sweet Grass County have also received donated metal detectors from The Breakfast Flakes.

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