For almost three decades, Mark and Paul have organized Flakesgiving and it's one of my favorite things to witness and volunteer for.  What makes it special?  For me, it's two things:

1 - If you need a meal, you can have one.  The Breakfast Flakes set this up in such a way that no one needs to justify needing a meal.  They literally just show up and grab a box to take home to their family.  Of course, if you aren't able to make it out to pick up a meal, there are dozens of people who volunteer to do deliveries.

2 - The number of volunteers in our community.  The Flakes are Montana's most popular morning show, so I think it's fair to say that the majority of volunteers are Flakes fans, but the fact is this event has gotten bigger than that.  Even if you couldn't tell Garth Brooks from Mel Brooks and have never turned on a country station, you've more than likely heard of Flakesgiving.  It is something bigger than radio, ratings or any of the business side of things and is a true community event. In fact, if it wasn't so generously supported by so many volunteers, I don't see how it could exist.  It's simply too big of a job for two guys to pull off.

Thanks to the Flakes and ALL of the hundreds of people involved in Flakesgiving!

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