Most of you probably aren't familiar with the song "Roses For Momma" by C.W McCall. I had never heard it until I bought his greatest hits album.

Fast forward to when I'm a grown-up and my mother and stepmother love getting flowers. So on both of their birthdays and on Mother's Day, they both get a dozen roses delivered to them.

For my mom, it's something that didn't happen very much in her life. My mom worked awfully hard to keep me and my siblings dressed nicely and to make sure she always put food on the table. That food might have been mac & cheese, but it was still food.

Every time she gets hers delivered, she'll call me and thank me. Then she will tell me that I shouldn't have. She also knows that they are expensive and I should stop sending her roses, but she reminds me that I still should because it makes her so happy. So I will.

For my stepmother, it's a different story. She was surprised to suddenly have a full-time son when I moved in with her and my dad when I was 14. I am blessed to have a second mother who loves me.

And flowers are "old school." I have had several girlfriends get flowers from me. They all tell me that receiving flowers is just not that common. Plus, when you get your lady's flowers delivered to her at her job, all of her coworkers' husbands get in trouble for never sending flowers.

This year I was in Great Falls where they both live, so I delivered the flowers myself. And you don't just buckle up for safety. You also buckle up because flowers cost so much!

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