• The truck speed limit got bumped up a little bit in Montana this week.
  • My golf advice is always, "Take a cart."
  • Only one birdie this week. But I didn't play as much.
  • I consistently do 5 mph over the speed limit when I'm on Main Street and I am almost ALWAYS the slowest vehicle on that road.
  • I'm headed to the movie theater for the first time in about 15 years to see "John Wick 3." I have no idea what tickets cost or if I can just buy my ticket at the window when I get there.
  • I gotta get me one of those "Rick Astley" t-shirts.
  • I couldn't attend the Mark Chesnutt concert because it started "A Little Too Late."
  • The two Taco Johns in the heights and on 20th have the most upbeat people taking your orders.
  • And Sam, nobody else will change out the water bottles since you left, my friend.
  • Attended the band concert in Shepherd this past week. The worst musician in that gym is better at it than I am.

Have a great weekend. Try to do somebody a favor this weekend. I will too.

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