During the month of September, Briarwood is inviting all first responders to come to play a free round of golf. Tee times are between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. daily. This is a nice gesture.

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Thanks for all the help trying to help Paul & me find out what our respective geocodes are for the purpose of applying for our property tax refund. I got a kick out of the guy who called and was trying to help put in some other code to get to the map. And when he gave us the initials, I thought one was an "F". So I said "F like in Frank?" He said "No. S like in S". Got it.

"Burn The Point" parade tonight. Music by The Bucky Beaver Groundgrippers." The boys are coming out of retirement to perform under Sky Point. I'd bet we'll see these guys a few more times before they are RETIRED-retired. Just a hunch.

And they want to thank everybody for their support over 33 years.

Tip your servers with cash.

Dear Charter/Spectrum: How much will my cable bill go down each day while you are negotiating with Disney? I don't have ESPN so I'm gonna need a partial refund until this situation gets remedied.

Far and away the most comments this week came from our interview with Dr. Garcia, the new superintendent of School District 2.  He is a breath of fresh air compared to the last guy we had in that chair. If you missed the interview, you can go back and hear it on Wednesday's podcast.

I'm going to spend my weekend mowing and looking for my glasses that are somewhere in my house.

Be patient if you're driving this weekend. There's gonna be a lot of folks on the roads.

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