Kymm Stark, thanks for lunch. I owe you.

Today in our office is a "half day." I would venture to say that MOST days for my coworkers are half days. Also, no, I didn't get your email. It amazes me that we work in the communications business, and you don't know how to. Should you need to communicate with me, I can be found in the Cat Country studios for my 5-hour work day on the north side of the 23rd floor from 4:45 to 9:50 am.

A quick tip for Billings drivers when it rains heavily: If the underpasses have standing water and road-closed signs on either side of the water, I wouldn't drive through. Going around will not affect the rest of your life.

Filming of Yellowstone has resumed in Missoula. They are gonna have to kill Kevin Costner pretty quickly; he's got more westerns to make. This reminds me of the old prank where you call the hotel, and they answer "Best Western." Then I say "True Grit," hang up, and laugh and laugh.

I found a great recipe for Cincinnati chili just like Skyline's, which just might be the high point of my weekend.

Smokey and The Bandit turned 47 this month. The original plan was for Jerry Reed to be the Bandit, and he got to in the third movie in the series. Bad, bad... bad, bad... movie.

I've been thinking about just disappearing. Going on vacation next week and never coming back. Empty out the 401k. Pay cash for everything. Sell the house. No credit cards. Burner phones instead of a cell that can be traced. How cool would that be?

I read a book called "How to Disappear." Very interesting. Disappearing is easier than you might think.

I might see you after vacation and I might not.

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