• We got to meet four of the Billings West High School softball players this week when they come in to promote their fundraiser held at The Den. And if you attended and contributed, thank you.
  • One of our listener's sons will be selling Montana Special Olympics raffle tickets Saturday morning at the State Avenue Ace Hardware store from 10 a.m.until noon. You could win a new pickup or $5,000.00.
  • We learned this week that starting May 28th, you will need to go online and get a ticket to get into Glacier National Park. I agree that it got overcrowded and steps needed to be taken. But you have to pay a two-dollar fee when you set up your account. I don't think the people who already had the lifetime passes should have to pay it. I know that it's only two bucks, but for me, it's the principal.
  • And I'm mad about our national media coverage. I just want it to be fair. I want them to cover President Biden with the same severity they did every time Donald Trump tweeted, spoke, or signed something. Biden cost Montana millions in tax revenue (that our schools so badly need) when he stopped the Keystone Pipeline. Oil jobs are high-paying jobs that contribute to many small communities in our state. And the media gave it a quick mention and now it's lost and gone forever. The left's war on oil and coal is a war on an awful lot of jobs and tax dollars in our state. You can keep your electric cars. I'll never own one.
  • And the tax increase that the Biden administration is going to force down our throats is unforgivable. I don't know one single person, Democrat or Republican, that has ever said that they wish they paid more in taxes. I am extremely frustrated about how much I pay in taxes already. And they have got the nerve to come to take more.

I'm going golfing and work on my attitude. Have a great weekend.

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