This is just MY list of stuff to remember. Add to it if you like. Or adopt it to help you remember what to pack.

First and foremost, products relating to good digestive health. If you don't have that in Mexico, you won't have near the fun.

Activated charcoal pills. These absorb poisons in your system and provide very fast relief. I also highly recommend a probiotic. These promote intestinal health and help your immune system year-round.

Also Advil, a least 2 types of pepto bismols, prescription medicines, toiletries (although these are available for sale at the resort), eye glass repair kit, TWO swimsuits, cribbage board, sunscreen, 3 hats, and snorkel & fins.

If you golf, bring your own balls & tees. It will save you about 25 bucks.

And, carry a pen with you while flying. You will have customs forms to fill out. And it always seems like the entire plane has to share 4 pens.


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