Somewhere in the summer of 1975, my grandfather took me golfing for the first time at the Anaconda Hills Golf Course in Great Falls. He would come pick me up, take me to the course, pay my greens fee and also gave me my first clubs.

I have a lot of great memories of walking through the heavy dew that was on the grass as the sun came up each day.

At that time, it cost two dollars to play as many holes as you wanted that day. And for Christmas, grandpa bought me a season pass to the course, which cost twenty six dollars. (I thought he had lost his mind!) I played a lot of golf that year.

Golf is still one of my main social activities. My girlfriend and I play together a lot. And we've given clubs to our daughter, just to keep things going.

So, even though I never gotten very good at it, I'm grateful for golf. Thanks Grampa Les. You've given me a great gift.

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