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Headphones is what you're writing about today? Seriously? Yep. Completely.

Headphones are required equipment in our line of work because every time you "key" the mic, the speakers in the studio get bypassed so that you don't get feedback. It's very technical and I just barely understand it.

The headphones with scotch-taped ones are the farmers. The Sony's are mine.

We're lucky that most headphones are really quite affordable and always have been. I know that in some jobs, like being an auto mechanic, you can have ten thousand dollars in tools that you have to have.

And my headphones are quite durable. Over the lifetime of one set, they get yanked off the counter hundreds of times and still continue to perform flawlessly. Back before the internet was invented, it was hard to find a new set of "cans". You were pretty much limited to what they carried at either Radio Shack or Best Buy. And you never had more than a couple of choices.

Nowadays it's great. What do you want, wireless? Corded? Headset with microphone attached? No problem.

I have secretly contacted the Mushaben siblings about their father's tendency to pinch pennies when it comes to his headphones. I have already been assured that they know that their old man is a tightwad and some gently used Bose QC 35's are on their way to Mushaben Farms Of America.

I'm also not surprised that the kids have nicer headphones than I do. Since he's got so many kids anyway, you divide up the cost, and it's only about a buck fifty apiece.

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