They were so nice when I got back from Mexico. After a week of walking the beach and playing in the sand, my feet were like a newborn's – smooth as can be, with no cracks or dry skin. Well, after a month back in cowboy boots all day long and this climate, I'm back to dried, cracked, and split feet again. To make it even worse, last night I stepped into a steaming hot pile of dog poo on my throw rug by the door. That stuff filled in my cracks like grout into tile! It was so bad I had to get in the shower to get it out.

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We started to get all kinds of suggestions this morning on what works best. I can't sleep with socks on, so that's out. I've tried Bag Balm, and that didn't work either. Hand and foot cream? No good for me. I'm actually part of the problem because you have to be consistent, and I'm not. After a couple of showers at night, when I'm done for the day, I quit the regimen. Those winter boots with the felt liners make things even worse than the regular boots. I can live with the dried-up hands, but the splits on the heels are killer.

Any suggestions for a quick three-day fix out there? Remember, I'm a man, and after about three days, I just move on and wait for the weather to fix it. No problems in the spring and summer. Now, if I could just get the dogs to quit eating cow poop, that would also make my day a lot easier.

See ya tomorrow at 5!

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