With this ring, I thee wed. Do wedding vows mean what they used to? I feel sometimes that getting married and divorced these days is as easy buying something you think you want and then returning it. This is a brief story of a Gallagher family heirloom, a ring that holds many precious memories for me. My parents John & Carol Gallagher would have been married for 61 years this April 4th, which just happens to be Easter Sunday this year. My parents got married in 1960 and were married until the day they died. My dad passed not quiet 4 years before my mom, but she always wore her wedding ring and said that they were still married even in death. When I was a little child and would have a nightmare, my mom would come and sit on the edge of the bed and tell me nice stories, mostly about animals, like small bunnies that she would see running in the field. It always calmed me down and while she would tell me the story, I would play with her wedding ring on her finger, it gave me peace and made me feel safe. I always asked my mom if I could have here wedding set when I got older.

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Well, fast forward five-plus decades, and since my mom has passed away, my brothers and sisters agreed that I could have the original wedding set that my parents got married with. Well, the engagement ring. At some point over the years the wedding band got lost and replaced with a new one. I took the ring and had it refurbished so to speak and I now proudly wear it on my right hand. I look at this ring every day and can imagine the many years of wear and tear on it and my mother's hands. My brothers and sisters and I have agreed that when it comes time for my daughter to get engaged if she'd like to have my mom's engagement ring she can as we pass it on to the next generation. What family heirlooms do you have in your family that have been passed down and what is the story behind them?


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