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"How much longer are you and Paul going to keep working" is probably the most asked questions that I get. And the answer is that I don't really know for sure.

As it currently stands, we have right around seven hundred days left on our contracts. And when the contract is up, we will have to see how we're feeling.

It's different for me than it is for Paul because he's got the ranch. Out there he does all of the work himself, and ranching is tough work, work that requires a lot of hours. At some point, he is just going to ranch. I don't blame him. In fact, I admire the guy for staying on with me for so many years.

That thirty-three mile drive each way is not something everybody would do. Let alone doing it for nearly forty years.

If I am done, I'm in a position where I don't have to take the first minimum wage radio job across the street.

If I make it another 700 days, I will have been in broadcasting for forty-one years. That's one more than my old man. I guarantee you that he is proud of his kid. When thinking about it, There has been at least one of our Wilson family on the airwaves of Montana since 1969.

What's next for me, I couldn't tell you for sure. I already play as much golf as I want. I will probably find something part-time. And that something won't start at 5 a.m.

But there will be some sort of break first because I'm going back to Jamaica to play the White Witch and Cinnamon Hill Golf Courses. I'll be staying a lot longer than seven days. Can you say, "Time Share?" I knew that you could.

I honestly hope that we work here longer, but we will have to just take a look at the big picture. In 700 days.

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