Over the weekend I was visiting with some friends who have a kid in their first year of college. That kid was having problems with his roommate. Which made me think about some of my roommates through the years.

Back in the early days of being out on my own, there was no form to fill out. No references are required. If you could come up with half the rent and half the utilities, then you can move your stuff in.

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Most of my co-inhabitants, I knew from either already being a friend or I worked with them.

My first one was roommate my boss at Pizza Hut. Good guy. He had a washer and dryer. We ate a lot of Pizza Hut pizza. It was a long time before I ate there again.

The next roommates were in Lolo, MT. Five of us. All in one, four-bedroom house. Another situation where we all worked together. Once again at a pizza joint. this time it was Godfathers. Same result on eating thereafter working there.

Some other "strays" that I have taken in have been because I'm the only single guy that they know. That list includes a couple of husbands that were quite surprised to find out that they were moving out of the place that they had shared with their wife. At the same time, they found out that they were getting divorced.

I've hosted a couple of gals who had no place else to stay while exiting relationships. One of those rearrange my bathroom closet, so she had to go.

I had one guy who had been sleeping in his car. So I took him in. He took one of my car stereos and left me with a 500 dollar phone bill.

I roomed with Tim, one of my best friends. We played a lot of cribbage. Good quality in a housemate.

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