Before local luminaries such as Mayor Tom Hanel, former Cat Country 102.9 disc jockey Karen Gallagher and Q-2's Bob (Liar) McGuire roasted the Breakfast Flakes Paul Mushaben and Mark Wilson at Bones Brewing last night, a secret country music recording artist took the stage to the crowds surprise and amazement. It was the singer who made the single "Beer On The Table" famous... Josh Thompson. He kicked off the roast in style as he belted out 2 songs acoustically and got the crowd warmed up for the hilarity that was about to ensue.

Ironically Josh left beer on the table backstage. He and his road manager had each ordered 2 beers but after they headed back to the Shrine Auditorium yours truly went backstage and saw that they had only drank one beer each. There were 2 untouched, virgin, pure as the driven snow beers "On The Table". Sacriledge.

Josh was a great guy though and as anyone who attended the concert last night heard... a great performer.