One of the many great "Happy Accidents" that's come along during our time here are the "Flakestrips".

We've taken 6 or 7 cruises in addition to our stays at the all inclusive resorts.

This picture was from the first time that I had ever chartered a fishing boat. It was so cool to have our own watercraft that was going to help us land our record-breaking Marlin.

Not exactly. It had stormed the night before, stirring up the sand along the bottom and making it hard for the fish to find our bait. Our guide also told us to not fall out of the boat, as the shark population in this area was very large and very hungry.

At one point early in the day, we had dolphins swimming next to the boat, which was really cool.

As the day wore on, I decided to "feed' the fish. Yuk. I have since retired from anything to do with small boats

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