Did you see the picture of the bags of leaves surrounding the city leaf dumpster? People piled the leaves so high that you couldn't even see the big blue dumpster anymore.

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Someone had to be the first to decide that if it's full it's not my problem so they put their bags next to it. So, the next person followed suit and so did the next and the next and the next, and before you know it the rule changed and the entire dumpster was covered.

I wish they had a camera there so we could find that first person and make them load all those bags on the next one that arrives.

We had a lady call this morning complaining about what she is supposed to do with them. I said take them to the dump or put them in the garage until there is room. She said I'm not going all the way to the dump.

People, they're just leaves, they'll keep. The city is actually doing you a service putting those dumpsters there...what would you do without them? They do the same thing for Christmas trees to make it easier for you.

If that's the biggest catastrophe you have in your life you'll be fine. I asked her what she does when she has extra garbage during the holidays. Well, that's different and she lives by herself. So I told her if it's really that huge of a problem I would come and pick up her leaves and spread them at the ranch. Cheeze.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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