The music that radio stations play is something that I've fought with management about since I got into this business. It's what the company is pushing and trying to sell versus what I think listeners actually want to hear. I've even been written up for not playing the "scheduled music."

I don't even know how many years ago we quit doing "The Golden Oldies" between 9 and 10 a.m. It was very popular and highly rated, but the bosses didn't like it. You can't be playing a bunch of songs that people request because your station doesn't play them anymore.

Back before the internet and cell phones, we were the only way you could hear your brand-new favorite songs. Now, you just ask Siri and you can hear any song ever recorded.

Our Golden Oldies faded because our CD players finally all broke down, and the company conveniently didn't order new parts for them. Now, you can't even get those parts.

This topic was brought up today by a gal who messaged me about the "crap you guys play," to which I replied, "Which crap?" Trust me, there are a ton of songs that I don't care for, but a lot of those songs are songs that others do like. It's hard to make everybody happy all of the time.

Requests are extremely rare these days, except for songs that get requested when someone dies. I always play those. I just feel that those are that important to their loved ones.

I'm doing my best with the music. When I'm meeting your expectations, let me know.

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