Let me start by saying: that what I'm going to propose here will never happen. It just sort of struck me as funny when I thought about it.

By now everybody in town knows about the major gathering of law enforcement and the closing of Highway 312 on Monday.

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I drive 312 every day but was already home by the time the road got shut down.

The first thing that I heard about was during a phone call from a neighbor. She told me about the road closure but didn't have any more information. Then, a second call said that a neighbor heard the cops talking on bull horns. Then, someone called and said that the bomb squad was on the scene. But nobody really had any idea of what was happening.

I don't know their policy concerning reporters doing live shots at these events, but none were this time.

So here's what I propose: play-by-play. Get a Jim Nance and Tony Romo broadcasting team. And they can tell viewers what's going on as it happens. We can do like the NFL & MLB and get a reporter to get a quick comment from the incident commander.

Dang near everybody locally would be tuned in because everybody would want to know what was going on.

But...law enforcement has protocols and even criminals have rights, I guess. So, this won't ever happen but maybe we could outfit a cop with a camera and a tripod and they could do "stand-ups" just like our local television reporters do.

We just want information sooner.

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