We were talking about long drives this morning. And just about everybody has got a story to tell about theirs.

We had one listener tell us about his drive from Anchorage to Oklahoma City in April. And April in Alaska is still the dead of winter for them.

We got calls from a couple of long-haul truckers who regularly drive coast to coast. One of them drove back before the government started monitoring the driver's hours. Back then some guys would just not sleep for days and keep driving.

Red Semi Truck. Caucasian Truck Driver Preparing For the Next Destination.

I had to Google my longest trip. In 1984 a buddy and I decided to go on "The Great Quest For Truth". We started in Missoula. Then we drove to stay with another friend in Las Vegas. In a 1978 Mustang King Cobra. Death Valley is a good time in a car with no air conditioning.

The next leg took us to Six Flags Magic Mountain for some roller coaster rides.

Then, suddenly, we were out of money. So we took the last couple of dollars that we had between us and bought a loaf of bread, bologna, and mustard at a 7-11.

From there we would drive straight through to Missoula. Leaving the bright lights of Los Angeles at midnight we drove 1,515 miles in the course of about 30 hours.

We did a little picture-taking along our journey home. And even worked in a stop to get some fresh strawberries from a friend's mom in White Salmon, Washington.

And as I think back on that, we didn't take any long drives for quite a while after that trip.

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