Do you make New Year's resolutions? I know that a lot of folks do. I don't anymore because this is just exactly how I am.

The big one for a lot of folks is joining a gym and vowing that THIS year is the year that you're going to get into shape. Uh huh.

Back when I still played racquetball, I had gym memberships at the YMCA and Billings Athletic Club. But those days are behind me.

I have a friend who says that they are going to walk more in 2023. When I asked where they were going to go, they just looked at me strangely. I mean, why you don't pick a spot and walk to it? But just walking for the sake of not being on my couch has never really appealed to me. I don't even walk when I golf.

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Some folks will vow to eat better or even drink a little less.

Oh wait, just thought of one. In 2023 I resolve to get my dryer fixed. See? We can all improve.

Now that I think about there are more ideas popping into my head. In 2023 I resolve to buy some new golf clubs. Let's be honest, it's time. And I'm sure that new sticks will solve all of my swing related problems.

Mark Golfing
Credit: Mark Wilson, TSM

And I think that I will be successful because these are attainable goals.

When you are making your resolutions this year, remember that they have to be your idea. If your wife has been on your butt about something, it's not gonna work.

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