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Todays article is actually just for one person. And my goal is to make her like me even less than she appeared to when we spoke the other day.

This lady who I had just met that evening, was bothered by the fact that I'm done working for the whole day by 10 a.m. Then she wanted to know what the heck I did at my job. "So, you just talk, right?" Well, ya, kind of.

But I have given this extremely unhappy lady some more thought, I thought that I'd list  everything that I googled today.

First thing every morning, I check my daughters location with the Life360 app. Next it's the weather forecast.

After that I take pictures of everybody on facebook who's hiring so that I can give them a mention. And hopefully they get some new employees without having to spend too much on advertising.

I usually run across a few good recipes. Today I found one for meatball boats. The next cold day, these are getting made at my house.

Next i'm looking for events in and around Billings to give them a plug for folks who might not know about all the cool things that happen in the area where we live.

Next, being the music guy, it's hunting for music news.

Lately I've ran across a lot of used vehicles that are dramatically overpriced. And I like to give sellers a hard time about those.

Top it all off with some humor that fits with 13 year junior high school boy mentality, and I out.

and I had more to tell her, but it's almost 10 and I have to get to the golf course.

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