I'm sitting here staring out the window, thinking about some great Thanksgiving memories. And missing some of those who aren't with us anymore. And how spoiled we were at our house growing up.

The food that was available at my family gatherings was truly astounding.

My mom still made holiday favorites for each family member. For me, it was shredded carrots and pineapple in orange Jello. One of my favorites that her mom had made for me since I was a little kid. My sister loved chocolate cream pie on a graham cracker crust. So Mom made that too.

At Dad's house, my stepmom made Granny Wilson's strawberry Jell-o with the walnuts in it. They always had mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, turkey, AND other meat. Some years it was AND ham. Other years we had AND roast chicken. Then always at least three flavors of pie, with ice cream.

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Some of the stories from the forty years ago when most of the grownups in the family drank and got out of hand once we started playing card games after the dishes were all done. There may have even been one incident where the cook (who shall remain anonymous) was spooning the stuffing out of the turkey and outcomes the drain stopper that apparently got cooked all day along with the stuffing.

And hearing stories from my grampa about his days flying in the war and being stationed in the Pacific. He was a very soft-spoken man and I didn't even know he could talk until I was about thirty.

Fast forward to now. And neither my mom nor stepmom put up the big feasts anymore. I'm sorry that I took them for granted.

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