A new report came out today, saying that the Army and Air Force are on track to meet their recruiting goals this year. The Navy, on the other hand, is improving but still falling short once again.

Is it any wonder when entry-level pay is around $1600 a month? The military is still facing many challenges trying to attract these high-quality recruits. The job market is one reason, where people will bid for you no matter your qualifications as long as you just show up. Beats warfighting and the work you have to do in the military.

Another problem that they have now, unlike 30 years ago, is the physical condition of our youth. The military brass says that today's kids can't meet the physical requirements needed along with the mental and moral standards.

So, today's military is starting to do what colleges around the country are doing, lowering the standards. Not good. The quality will suffer, and just like the student, the soldier won't be as fine-tuned and prepared.

I still have such great respect for the people who get in and serve their country. They don't do it for the money; they do it because they love their country.

I think of all that have served in the past, like last week's Pearl Harbor's last survivor, who was paid $18 a month. He said he would have done it for free. Thank God for all these men and women.

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