Major League Baseball has announced recently that most things will be getting back to normal this year. Fans in the stands, refreshments, souvenirs, restaurants, clubs open for the fans to enjoy America's pastime. That's all great news for baseball fans...

HOWEVER, it's not good news for Montana High School Association members.

You should not be allowed to attend MLB games. It would be highly inappropriate and hypocritical for you to attend after you refused to allow people to go to your basketball tourneys and watch any games but their own schools and only 500 to boot. That's too bad, the rest of us can't wait for baseball.

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Now that I think about it, Montana High School Association members shouldn't attend the PBR event in May, or the Toby Keith concert either. After all, it's just too dangerous, based on science.

The Olive Garden was packed this weekend. It's too bad that the Montana High School Association members can't eat at Olive Garden either, just too many people, and it wouldn't be safe. Why, they can't travel unless they charter the whole plane, can only shop at Walmart if their family member works there, can't golf--that's just silly and too dangerous. Too bad.

Things are opened up and thriving again and MHSA members can't enjoy any of it.  Hope you don't have a mom in a nursing home. You couldn't visit unless they clear out all other residents, you know, MHSA protocol. By the way, only four people per family at the outdoor track meets this spring. MHSA science. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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