I just learned today that in Montana, they tax your chickens.

It's only 159 days until my duet with Sheryl Crow in Missoula. I ALSO am gonna soak up the sun.

I would have loved to see the Bobcats beat Grambling in the NCAA tournament. I'm neither Cat nor Griz but I'm pure Montana every time.

George Strait is going to do a concert at College Station Stadium in Texas on Saturday, June 15th.

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I wonder what percentage of people who live here have some sort of emergency kit in their vehicle other than what came with it. Things like a better jack, a 4-way lug nut wrench, some sort of air compressor, and so on. It's been my experience that my flat tires rarely happen in front of the tire shop.

The city of Billings will go back to having the street sweepers do their thing right after the snow melts.

The Be Great Ball is tonight. It's the annual fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club. I want to thank Joe & Dave for donating some rounds of golf. I had a few rounds there on Monday.

My cable bill (with internet) is $236.68 each month. Is there a way that I could go back to 1987 when it was only 10 bucks and you had to change channels by hitting the buttons on top of the box? Good times.

Even if you're not normally a "podcast person," you should take a listen to ours from Friday morning. Some really good stuff in there about freedoms. Which led to talk of handing out flags at parades here in Billings. I think that will be a thing down the road.

We truly appreciate how patriotic the folks who listen to our show are.

Drive safe. See ya back here at 5 on Monday.

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