It's now law and now we will pay. According to the info from AP this morning the huge Democrat infrastructure bill will have about 120 billion in it for roads, bridges, and highways. So that leaves about 1 trillion for everything else.

Now I wonder where all of that money will go. Our very own Jon Tester is gloating with all the money that will be heading to Montana. 3 billion dollars. Oh goody goody, that's great so the 4th largest state in the country that has more miles of roads than  New Hampshire and Rhode Island and Vermont, etc will get less than  3 tenths of one percent of the infrastructure money.

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I'll bet the Blue states in this country scored big and I'll bet all of the important Swing states in this country do well too. Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc. What about the other 700 billion that no one seems to know about. Have you heard about how it will be paid for? what about the new taxes? Have you heard about the experimental mileage tax?

Ya, this will be great. Why did all the Democrats refuse to support the Trump infrastructure bill that was going to prioritize infrastructure? We would have already had our stuff fixed and repairs underway. Since they got their 1.2 trillion you think they could have scrapped all the fuel taxes we all pay now for infrastructure, after all, it only amounts to 52 billion a year and consumers could really use that money back in their pockets right now. Hope you are happy and Thanks Jon you're my hero.

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