Each morning I try to remind everybody how long until we leave for Mexico for the 27th Flakes Trip. We are currently 140 days out and you can start signing up to win our little getaway next week. We will be out on the west end at the Den Thursday from 5-7.

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You've only got to wait 109 days for Christmas to be here. New Year's is a mere 116 days or only 115 days until New Year's Eve. Is New Year's a big deal at your house. I used to really enjoy ringing in the New Year at midnight. But those days are behind me now.

My point here is there are only the next 115 days to be included in my "What Were the Coolest Things about 2021".

Seeing Sheryl Crow at the Kettlehouse was a highlight of my year. It wouldn't have been without the people who went with me to the show. The things that everybody will remember about that quick little jaunt to Missoula and back. This includes nine holes of golf at Three Forks and eighteen at Old Works in Anaconda. (which has a new entrance road to get to the course). Total hours out of Billings, thirty two. Couch hours the next day, four. I can still party like a rock star, but can no longer recover like one.

I still haven't had a BBQ at my place yet this year. I'd better get that done. That way I can use the croquet set that I get out of the garage once every five years, It will need a little dusting off. somewhere in there, I've got a set of the old lawn darts with the metal tips. What could go wrong?

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