Today was the anniversary of the legalization of gambling in Nevada in 1931. Nevada gets revenue from sin taxes and taxing the resorts there. And guess what? They have no state income tax. That's why Montana needs to make the same move.

It is so incredibly unfair to property owners and business owners who foot the bill for everything. Right after jacking our property taxes up last year, we will vote on a $5 million safety levy for our schools. I'm not anti-safety at all. You know that from the metal detectors we've purchased and the drug sniffs we sponsor for K316 detections.

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But it's time to raise money a different way. As bad as it is, keep in mind that we just voted down a Taj Mahal of a rec center that had a pool and hockey rinks in it.

You've got senior citizens who have been paying property tax for 40-plus years. Many who never had children in our school systems. It's not fair that they have to foot the bill.

Pass or fail, there will be another "ask" for money on most future ballots. We've been taxed to death here. Even the people in education and government would tell you that they agree.

And if we go to Nevada's system and eliminate property tax and add a sales tax, it makes it fair to everybody. Plus, more people are paying in, including all of those tourists that get a free ride when they visit our state while we pay when we're in their state.

People are screaming about equality in everything BUT taxation.

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