If you're worried about getting hurt, don't go.

Nope, instead we are going to stick the tax-payers with the bill for putting up nets at Dehler Park.

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A legacy of greed.

We've been playing baseball at ballparks all across America since 1869 and everything was fine. Have you noticed all of the commercials nowadays for attorney groups that want to go after someone or some company if you're hurt? There's your answer.


For example...

What about assumed risk? Have you ever watched a golf match on TV? Thousands of people line up within 25 feet on either side of a guy hitting a rock-hard golf ball at 160 mph, with no nets. In fact, people down course are always hit by the ones the Pro's shank. Still no nets.

Do you know how many people are hurt skiing every year? We have more people that have to be rescued falling off the Rims in Billings than are hurt by foul balls and there are no nets up there.

The Mustangs and Legion teams have no pro affiliation anymore so they don't have to comply with major league rules. Hockey arenas around the country don't have nets up and pucks fly into the stands all the time. NBA players crash into the crowd all year long, more instances than people getting hurt by foul balls, no nets or barriers.

Do it differently.

If you want nets, fine, put them up...but don't stick the taxpayer with the bill. Have the person that owns the team do it or make sure they have enough insurance to cover their own ass if something happens and leave the hard-working people of Billings out of it.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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