If you missed it this morning, our "big announcement" was that the Flakesgiving Fund is donating $20,000 to Tumbleweed to take care of all of the initial steps to get their facility to be able to have teens in trouble have a safe place to spend the night.

Right now, because of fire codes, nobody can spend the night. So, these poor kids get kicked out on the street at 5 each day.

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The upgraded facility will also include a "teaching kitchen". So, instead of just being able to warm up donated meals, they will now be able to do their own cooking.

Paul and I have always focused on kids. Have you had lunch in every school a hundred miles in any direction from Billings? We have. We did school lunch visits once a week for five years.

Now we sponsor the first "sniff" with Canine Mira with K316 detections. That's in addition to the 3 dozen or so metal detectors that we've bought for area schools.

Kids have always mattered to us.

I always think how easy it would have been for me to have ended up with no place to go when I was a teenager after my folks divorced. I only needed to pick one or two "bad" kids and my life's path could have quite easily been significantly different.

And not everybody is in a spot where they can donate a large amount of money. So, we feel fortunate to be able to help causes that we think need our help.

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