You know what you never hear a peep about anymore? COVID. That's right, it has quietly disappeared from our everyday life.

That has me worried, especially because we are heading into an election and people will start changing all of the election laws when they have no power to do so. Where have all the commercials gone about getting your 5th booster shot to protect yourself? Did the disease just magically disappear? No.

I checked the COVID Data tracker that is put out by the CDC today, and people are still dying and still getting sick, but it's not a problem now under the Biden administration.

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Just in the week of March 10th-16th, there were 10,719 hospitalizations and not a word. Where are KTVQ and the daily COVID numbers that they covered every night before the last election?

As of today in the United States according to the CDC, 1,185,413 people have died from COVID. Only 400,000 of those occurred in the final year of the Trump administration, and they made it a huge issue. Remember, Joe said Trump was responsible for 400,000 deaths. Well, almost 800,000 have died in the three-plus years under Joe's watch and nothing.

It wouldn't surprise me if this disease would raise its ugly head again about September when the election is getting closer and closer. The push about masks and distancing is all in the past now. It's political theater, use it to your advantage when you can and drop it if it hurts you. If we all needed a 5th booster, when do we all need the 6th? Just wondering...

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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