Is there no pride anymore?

Yesterday in Washington, Senate Leader Chuck Schumer relaxed the dress code for senate members.

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Is there no pride anymore, no respect anymore for something as sacred as our nation's capital? He did this for one reason and one reason only. Senator Fetterman from Pennsylvania likes to wear shorts and hoodies and since he is an integral part of the democrats' senate control, we changed the rules to accommodate his comfort.

A simple solution:

The Senate Republicans should start making a mockery of this decision and wearing shorts and MAGA hoodies.

Our whole country is losing it.

What the hell is going on anymore, where people dress like slobs everywhere they go? I know it's a free country but please have some pride. We don't even have somewhat strict codes for schools anymore. There is nothing wrong with at least some discipline, especially when it comes to Congress.

The good old days.

My mother and dad always looked respectable even if they were just going to the hardware store or grocery store. Not anymore. Some of the things you see now in stores are a real eye-opener.

I always try to look like I at least showered in the last week, unless I have to run in for a part or I need a tire to get my machinery up and running again in a hurry that's different. But the nation's Capitol?

I was at a wedding recently and the father of the bride was wearing a Grizz hoodie when he walked his daughter up the aisle. I thought to myself, now I've seen everything...

See ya tomorrow at 5.

August 2023 Congressional Debate

Celeste Maloy, Bruce Hough, Becky Edwards(Not Present)

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