Where are the good ones?

Are you a Good Samaritan or not? So many things have changed in our society, you can't rely on people or a neighbor anymore.

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I saw a news report over the weekend that talked about shoplifting in America. The stats would horrify you. Billions of dollars of merchandise are being stolen from businesses, and it is costing you and me.

The part of the story that amazed me is people would just stand there and watch it and not do anything, while these punk kids almost dared them to try and stop them. They are organizing grab-and-go events through their cell phones and people just stand there and watch.

Leave Ma & Pa Alone

Many of these are not larger retail chains, just mom-and-pop places that can't absorb that type of consistent hit. Some of these crooks are so brazen they ride their bike into the store, fill up a backpack, and ride right out the door.

I am losing my faith in mankind.

People don't want to get involved. How many of you will pass someone on the road with a flat tire or something else and have no concern whatsoever?

Plus, when you have states and lawmakers that make rules like the California shoplifting rules...if it's under $1000, don't mess with it! What did you think would happen? Remember, in Biblical times if they caught you stealing, they would cut your hands off.

That was the end of that problem. Moderation in the pursuit of justice holds no virtue. A great quote and so true...

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