Have you used the service at Walmart where you can order online and pick it up for free at the store?

It's been a long time since I used this service and boy was I surprised how it has changed. The last time I had something shipped from site to store for pickup was about four years ago. I remember going to the back of the store to a register and talking to a human to pickup my order. I had to order a riser for my computer monitor for work (they didn't have it in store). Anyway, I was more than a little surprised that now you go and either check in with the phone app or type in the last few numbers of your order and then, you wait. You wait for a team member to come over to the pickup area and get your order out of a locker. They then have to scan the item (makes sense, unless their scanner is not working), then you wait. Once they scan the product, you sign and leave. The label on the order (in this case the box) acts as your receipt at the door as you leave.

Overall pretty slick. Have you used it? Did you like it?

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