As writing these articles every day is now a requirement, I'm always kind of on the lookout for something that I can dedicate 250 words towards.

My problem is that my attention span is small. And I'm about half-adult ADD anyway. So a lot of times the end of my article has very little to do with how it started.

So today I was going to look up a bunch of interesting facts about railroad tie replacement. Instead, I'll give you everything that I can think of about the rail industry.

I've been told that working for the railroad is a good job. And becomes a great job once you've got seniority. Plus it pays well.

There are a lot of train songs.

"Crazy Train", "Ride The Train" and "Long Train Runnin'" all come to mind. And the group who call themselves Train had a couple of good songs.

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My dad took us on a Montana train ride when I was 12.

We got on board in Shelby. And got to see Glacier National Park in one of the train cars that have glass roofs. And now that I think about it, it might be time to do that again.

Let's see, in Monopoly the more railroads that you own, the better it is.

And I looked up the aforementioned railroad tie facts.

The wooden ones are traded out every 7-10 years. There are also ties made of concrete that can last up to thirty years. But the kind of tie used depends on what kind of traffic that particular line gets.

And they are important because they keep the rails an equal distance apart and track level.

And all of this I've written up was inspired by seeing some new ties stacked up between Billings and Broadview.

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